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Who does it works?

1st Log

Registration and customer card

We take down your personal information during the opening time. You will be given your card by our friendly collaborator or by one of our partners. You will find more information about our partners inside the VIDEOSTORE.

Fingerprint excludes from abuse

Your personal fingerprint will avoid any abuse of your card.



We will be happy to show you how the hiring terminals work. You will get all the useful information and explanations about the hiring. You can also look at our “it works like this” poster inside the VIDEOSTORE. You’ll find more explanations under FAQ.

2nd Rental

You need one of the hiring terminals to choose your film. Put your card into the terminal, according to the arrow’s direction.

Put your finger on the scanner.


Youth protection is a really important theme to us. Please be careful that your card is not used unappropriately!

Choose your favorite film on the screen.

You can choose the film according to genre, title, actor or register. We offer you some of the films’ trailers.



The prices are unsteady. The sooner you bring the film back, the more you save.

You can easily recharge your card at our terminals, anytime you want.

You can now withdraw your film at the delivery terminal.

And now relax at home and enjoy  your movie pleasure with VIDEOSTORE.

3rd Restitution

Insert your card inside the terminal, following the arrow’s direction.

Put the film inside the box, with the barcode up.

Don’t forget to recollect your card. Thank you for your visit, we hope to see you back soon.

4th Book via Internet

You can now book films online!


You can easily book your favorite film by entering the “film booking” section.

Insert your customer’s number and your password (PIN). You will be asked to choose you password during the first login, after the film’s choice.

You can then insert your customer’s number or your e-mail address. Use the word you have just chosen as your password.

Choose the film and book it online.

Please pay attention that you will need the PIN2 for the minors forbidden films and for erotic films. You will receive your PIN2 by our friendly collaborator during the opening time.


Your film waits just for you in VIDEOSTORE.


Please be sure that you have received the confirmation e-mail.  


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