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VIDEOSTORE automatic 24 h Video Distribution Systems

Discover the new dimension:
High-performance machines, their technology and their self-understanding from the experience of Media Counters of modern times. New technologies from VIDEOSTORE.

The 3 x 1 System:
Everyone is different, everyone has different needs. So everyone exactly the right product gets, we offer the 3 in 1 system. Each customer can choose between DVD, VHS / (alternative HD DVD / Blue Ray) and video games. Choice of the distribution and / or sale. And all in a machine!


Video machines and video terminals can be interconnected via network, telephone line and Internet connection. The data between the devices are adjusted in real time. So offer your customers maximum comfort and performance.

Modular construction:
All just 5 Systemrelevanten components with a maximum of 4 screws, and the Plug and Play technology. The exchange of components is so in less than 2 min, and it will provide a rapid recovery system, in extreme cases, for your customers dar. Of course, this applies especially for the peripheral devices. High costs technicians belong to the past!

Power consumption:
The devices are characterized by an extremely low power consumption. Especially in 24h-Betrieb, these costs are not going to underestimate!

Ergonomic design and user guide:
Because of the underlying screens protect the privacy of your customers and tolerate the individual size of your client to the devices. The software is optimized psychologically and end to the respective regional market sometimes needs.

Marketing and SMS services:
About the platform can your customers automated or manual send SMS. VIDEOSTORE is also your partner specifically in the area of marketing.

Offer your customers a 24-hour service, no wish unfulfilled. Learn more in the B2B sector.

B2B - Business 2 Business
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VBM-lite from Videostore
vbm lite

Intuitive operation and a clear design enable rapid incorporation into the professional software. VBM lite facilitates you with a quick and efficient workflow.